Promo Products - Wimbledon and the Australian Open!

Promotional products are the only form of advertising we love to receive, or STEAL! Ask Federer or Nadal.


With Wimbledon Tennis on at the moment I wonder if the world’s best players are stealing Promotional products again!!

Remember last year at the Australian Open, Jim Courier interviewed both Federer and Rafa after their games and they admitted to “stealing” extra promotional Australian Open towels from centre court. Here is transcript for Federer’s interview.

Jim: The last question.... I always save the best for last.... I saw you have an Australian Open towel on your bag now... Do you plan to follow Rafa's action and steal the towel??


Roger: Hmm......... How do you know that I only have one towel there?? I actually have 4 towels inside the bag as well.... but you only can see one..........
Look, that towels are $50 you know..... It's nice to have that as a souvenir for friends..... I actually sleep on that too.... since I have too many already......

Even these guys like promotional products. They get paid millions to play and millions for endorsements, but still want, even steal, promotional towels for themselves and friends.

It is not just Roger and Rafa, apparently 2,500 Wimbledon towels went missing from the courts during their championship as well.

Last night Todd Woodbridge said they had put plain white towels in the change rooms to stop losing so many. He admitted he took towels and still has his 1987 one from his first Wimbledon. Wow 22 years for a promotional product!!!

It seems that promotional products are the only form of advertising that we all like to receive!





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